With a total AUM of close to US$11 billion, RRJ Capital (“RRJ”) is an Asian investment firm which focuses on private equity investments in China and South-East Asia. The firm was founded in March 2011 and currently has a team of close to 35 professionals, based out of offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. 


Managing Partners

Richard Ong (Chairman and CEO)

Prior to starting RRJ, Richard was founder and CEO of HOPU Fund, a US$2.5 billion private equity fund started in May 2008 in Beijing.

Charles Ong (Co-Chairman and Co-CEO)

Prior to joining RRJ in 2012, Charles was with Temasek Holdings for 10 years, where he held various positions including Chief Investment Officer and Chief Strategy Officer.

Contact Us

Email : enquiry@rrjcap.com

Tel    : +852-3915-6222